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During Covid-19, we had suspended all In-House appointments and worked on our mobility. Now, we are all fully vaccinated and back on the road again!

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We have completed over 100 projects with satisfied feedback from clients.


With over 250 satisfied clients we are offering the next 250 clients our loyalty price. You will be grandfathered in with the first 250 clients.

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Bookkeeping (Team Up with Zed) for A to Zed business solutions, it is much more than just bookkeeping!

Personal Income Tax

It is TAX time, and no one likes to take the drive. We are here to make the ride a lot smoother, avoid the pot holes, and get to your destination.

Business Taxes

Let's make sure your business is getting all the tips it needs. No roundabouts to finding all expenses, and no detours to making a profit.


It is FREE! Let’s find out what you need, answer your queries, and get you driving in the right direction

About The Tax Taxi

What Do We Do?

We are mobile TAX preparers. What does it mean?

MOBILE = Pick-Up & Delivery or In-Your-House

BLENDED = Remote access to your computer, Zoom, Skype, Phone, or Chat Bot!

MOBILITY = Paperless – 100% ONLINE – contact free

How It Works


Hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment so blinded by that they cannot foresee on the other.

Step 1

Select a date for your consultation or tax prep

Step 2

Select what you want to do personal, business, estate, multiple

Step 3

Fill out the information tax form and submit

Step 4

Make a payment by visa, master card, american express paypal, etransfer

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Our Client Reviews

Testimonials from our clients who highly recommend out services and love what we are providing at a very reasonable cost.

Absolutely love the service and a fantastic price. I love that I can go online or contact 1 of the 4 ladies, who assisted me through the entire process.

Nova Scotia

L. Campbell

Great service, user friendly with simple interface, and awesome turnaround time.

Calgary, Alberta

K.M. Doran
Tax Client

I am now all caught up, and in the black, thanks to The Tax Taxi and their delivery service.

Kingston, Ontario

D. Mosgrove
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