About Us

The business started in 2000, with one person helping others to do their taxes around the community. Then, by word of mouth, it started to grow, and we needed a new name. In 2012, we became The Tax Taxi. The business has always been by referral, until now!

After many years with the same cabbie, it was time to bring new people on board and drive the business on the express lanes!  So, we are keeping the hackney carriage for the old style patrons, with pick-up & delivery, drop-off & pick-up/delivery, and in-house to more locations. And for the new tax cab drivers, we are expanding to include an online presence, mobile capabilities, and our consultation services.

We are now a team of tax specialists with over 30 years’ experience. We are still helping others to do their taxes using old and new methods.

Our aim is to provide you with the best service, fares, and support.
Our goal is to be convenient, quick and accurate.
Our commitment to ease of use.

We trust you will continue to spread the word, refer your family and friends, and enjoy our services.

From all of us at The Tax Taxi, we hope you enjoy the ride!